Q&A with Monique Lhuillier Celebrates Launch of New Lab-Created Diamond Collection at KAY

A glistening line of lab-created diamonds by Monique Lhuillier BLISS at KAY Jewelers sets the tone for a discussion of all-things bridal.
Written by
Emily Sweet

Monique Lhuillier has been one of the top bridal designers in America since its origin in 1996. Led by Monique, the brand brings modernity and timeless elegance to gowns and in recent years has received acclaim for venturing into the world of accessories. Today Monique Lhuillier BLISS ventures further into the world of rings with a collection of lab-created diamonds (LCDs) paying homage to Monique's ultimate inspiration: brides across the globe. The collection pulled inspiration from Monique's existing BLISS line of bridal gowns, a vision of romance and florals in a variety of styles and colors. The new BLISS collection brings a refined and contemporary take on engagement rings and wedding bands with the same stylish flair as Monique Lhuillier's signature looks. 

Prices for the new line sold exclusively at KAY Jewelers range from $1,099.99 to $18,999.99. Shop the collection here. 

The press release from Monique Lhuillier's team expanded on the sparkling details of her LCD line, "The new Monique Lhuillier BLISS Lab-Created Diamonds collection features independently certified, colorless lab-created diamonds set in 18K gold. The collection consists of twelve engagement ring styles, six universal matching bands, and three women’s lab-created diamond bands. The engagement rings feature round, princess-cut, oval, emerald and pear-shaped lab-created center diamonds set in 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold, and 18K white gold. All KAY diamonds, whether natural or lab-created are conflict-free as verified by the KAY Promise. KAY’s rigorous procedures ensure that products are responsibly sourced from vendor to the store." 


To celebrate the new collection, Monique Lhuillier graciously answered some of our most pressing questions about trends in engagement rings and her venture into the world of LCDs.

What was your inspiration behind this new lab-created diamond line?
ML: My brides are always my inspiration behind my designs. LCDs have been rising in popularity so this was our opportunity to bring another elevated option for brides to select from when it came to choosing their engagement ring.

Why did you opt to focus the collection on LCDs?
ML: I decided to expand the current Monique Lhuillier Bliss Collection at KAY Jewelers to include LCDs because I want to provide options for all my brides. My brides are my world and so, to be able to provide them with an array of options to choose from allows us to further connect with the brides and be a part of their bridal journey.

What tips do you have for brides deciding on natural diamonds vs. LCDs?
ML: It's all about preference! Whether the bride wants a natural or a lab-created diamond is completely up to them as it’s a personal decision. All KAY diamonds, whether natural or lab-created, are responsibly sourced as verified by the KAY Promise. Therefore, no matter which type of diamond the customer chooses, they’ll be getting a quality diamond that will last them a lifetime.

How did you approach the design process in cohesion with your existing BLISS line? 
ML: The Monique Lhuillier BLISS Collection is carefully designed with the inspiration of love, romance, florals and of course, my brides. The rings are also designed to resemble my bridal collection which includes intricate lace details and color. All of this combined allows us to create a collection that is unique but also true to the Monique Lhuillier brand.

What makes this collection different from past releases?
ML: This collection adds lab-created diamonds to the Monique Lhuillier BLISS collection for the first time. It also speaks to the quiet luxury category allowing brides to achieve an elevated look with a larger carat weight with an accessible price-point.

Why are you launching the collection now in late October?
ML: As we are coming off the magic of New York Bridal Fashion Week, we wanted to continue to make a splash in bridal with the announcement of this news. In addition, we wanted to release the collection in time for those looking to propose during the top engagement dates such as the Holidays, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day!

Do you have tips for brides in the shopping process who are unsure of what style they want in a ring?
ML: Choosing a forever ring should be a magical experience. It’s important to consider what style speaks most to who you are as an individual. Brides should think about their existing ring stack and jewelry preferences and select an engagement ring that represents them. Brides should also remember to be open-minded as styles may look different once you try them on and pleasantly surprise you! I am also loving the trend of couples shopping together for the engagement ring. It helps build a core memory together as well as helps educate both of them on what they like!

What trends in engagement rings do you see emerging right now that you like? 
ML: I really love the rise in LCD interest! It’s a unique take on a diamond and I love that people are loving it! We’re even seeing it pop-up on the red carpet on top celebrities! Of course, I am especially loving the colored gemstone trend as I personally enjoy adding pops of color in my bridal and jewelry designs.

Do you have a favorite piece from the new collection? 
ML: One of my favorite pieces is the round center double halo. The outer halo gives the ring a beautiful scalloped edge which is feminine yet elegant!

Can you provide insight into any upcoming projects or extensions for your Kay line that brides can look out for? What is next for Monique Lhuillier?
ML: As someone who is continually inspired by my brides, this collection is my love letter to them, and KAY is the perfect partner to continue to bring my creative vision to life. We are always looking for ways to expand the collection to incorporate the desires of my brides.