6 Trends from New York Bridal Fashion Week to Watch

Last week marked the launch of many Fall/Winter couture collections that were brimming with bridal inspiration.
Written by
Emily Sweet

The week of October 9th marked New York's semi-annual bridal fashion week, where collections from designers across the globe debuted for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2024 season. If there's one thing that sticks out from this year's designs, it is that the world of bridal truly has no boundaries. Collections across the runways were a vision of individuality and personality, featuring everything from traditional ball gown looks to cutting-edge late-night looks. The world of bridal is expansive, and this year's looks brought two-piece ensembles and jumpsuits into the spotlight. Another standout from this year was the opulent accessorization of bridal looks, which brought all kinds of veils, capes and sleeves into the mix, many with customizable and detachable options. The modern bride brings style to the entire wedding planning process; from rehearsal dinners to bachelorette weekends to second looks on the wedding day, this year's designs showcase every aspect of the bridal experience. We've rounded up some of our favorite trends from the week that showed up across collections and designers. 

Above image featuring Julie Vino Haute Couture. 

1. Floral Fantasy — A common thread in many of the collections from last week's shows was inspiration pulled from the natural and the organic. Esé Azénabor's "Blossom" collection was a couture dream featuring delightfully extravagant looks inspired by shapes and textures of florals in bloom. Other designs across the week brought dainty lace and floral embellishments to the forefront. Dana Harel's collection "Poppies" pulled inspiration from Claude Monet's painting "The Poppy Field," and 3D floral motifs and expansive textures were a standout. 

Esé Azénabor, Look 13
Esé Azénabor, Look 25
Moira Hughes, "The Mairead Gown"
Esé Azénabor, Look 32
Ines Di Santo, "Capital"
Mimosa by Julie Vino
Francesca Miranda, "Cielo" photographed by Andres Oyuela
Dana Harel, "Poppy"
Dana Harel, "Blossom"

(Above, Morilee Style 2608)

2. Modern Silhouettes — This season's looks truly brought contemporary silhouettes and styles to runways for dazzling results. We saw a variety of designers venture into the world of jumpsuits, a high-fashion take on functionality that was welcomed with open arms. Moira Hughes Couture's "Alchemy" collection brought a refined eye to exploring lengths and textures. Across the shows from last week, the idea that bridal is limited to a traditional gown is long gone, and we are loving this influx of innovative and bold options. By Watters and Willowby brought a dazzle to the mix with cutting-edge dresses exploring draping and texture.

Moira Hughes, "The Aster Jumpsuit"
By Watters, "Skip"
Moira Hughes, "The Ora"
Willowby, "Venus"
By Watters, "Epic"
Kim Kassas Couture, "Agnes"
Kim Kassas Couture, "Agnes"
Francesca Miranda, "Gala Set" photographed by Andres Oyuela
Reem Acra, Look 10
Rime Arodaky
Dana Harel, "Ivy"
Dana Harel, "Rose"
Francesca Miranda, "Luna" photographed by Andres Oyuela
Dana Harel, "Bluebell"

(Above, Esé Azénabor Look 6)

3. Elegant Open-Back Looks — We've been keeping an eye on this trend for the last year as so many brides choose to explore glamorous open-back options. These looks are brimming with understated allure and this season's latest additions boast crystal and pearl embellishments and regal beading. Moira Hughes found a stylish niche with a few standout open-back designs. Julie Vino's gown added glitz to the mix with a gold belt adding the perfect flourish to a dramatic open back.

Moira Hughes, "The Oriana"
Dana Harel, "Calla"
Dreams by Lihi Hod, "Tulip"
Mimosa by Julie Vino
Mimosa by Julie Vino
Moira Hughes, "The Ode"

(Above, Willowby, "Venus")

4. Late Night Glam — This year brought a myriad of bedazzled options and late-night looks to die for. WONÁ Concept showcased options dripping in luxury with plunging necklines and fringe details where editorial shots admist a cityscape had us falling in love. Dana Harel's collection also brought sparkle and shine to its designs, notably in the "Daisy" gown, a jaw-dropping mini dress dripping with pearls and old Hollywood glam. Moira Hughes opted for a more subtle take on glitz, but a pearl-bodiced gown spares no details and brings the drama effortlessly. Romanzo by Julie Vino balanced bold shine with unique cutouts and textures, perfect for any second look.

WONÁ Concept, "Remy"
WONÁ Concept, "Daisy"
Moira Hughes, "The Tide"
WONÁ Concept, "Sherrie"
Dana Harel, "Daisy"
Julie Vino Haute Couture
Romanza by Julie Vino
Romanza by Julie Vino
Dreams by Lihi Hod, "Ivy"
Dreams by Lihi Hod, "Aspen"
WONÁ Concept, "Ayleen"

(Above, WONÁ Concept, "Vesper")

5. Fit for a Queen — It has been proven again and again that a classic ballgown is always a timeless wedding option, and this season designers ventured into the world of the regal with their ball gown looks. Some designs explored other silhouettes while keeping the focus on regal detailing and touches, and accessories like gloves added a dapper finish. Esé Azénabor's creations were a definite high-fashion highlight, with traditional silhouettes getting a modern makeover. Ines di Santo featured corset-style bodices and mesh sleeves alongside lace detailing for grandiose and striking looks that echoed the class and sophistication of a regal style. Lace took center stage in many of these designs, whether a subtle flourish or statement pattern, these gowns are fit for royalty.

Ines Di Santo, "Star"
Esé Azénabor, Look 21
Mimosa by Julie Vino
Watters, "Harlow"
Julie Vino Haute Couture
Francesca Miranda, "Paloma" photographed by Andres Oyuela
Reem Acra, Look 1
Jaclyn WHYTE, "Sophia" photographed by Rachel Thalia Fisher
Jaclyn WHYTE, "Grace Mini" photographed by Rachel Thalia Fisher
Esé Azénabor, Look 10
Mimosa by Julie Vino
Esé Azénabor, Look 19
Kim Kassas Couture, "Josephine"
Kim Kassas Couture, "Josephine"

(Above, Esé Azénabor, Look 24)

6. Aura of Ethereal — One of the trends we are loving the most from this fall's fashion week is the whimsical and airy gowns. We're seeing tons of brides opt for detachable sleeves or a cape, and these elements were on full display in this year's designs. Bringing that aspect of individuality is one of the most effective ways to add some flair and also create a few different looks with one gown. Bold tulle sleeves were one of our favorite additions that elevated looks across the board with dazzling results. This is the season to accessorize, don't forget to explore veils, capes, sleeves and bows when you are shopping.

Francesca Miranda, "Venus" photographed by Andres Oyuela
Francesca Miranda, "Raina" photographed by Andres Oyuela
Ines Di Santo, "Basilica"
Romanzo by Julie Vino
Esé Azénabor, Look 11
Morilee, Style 2609
Romanzo by Julie Vino
Watters, "Reko"
Dreams by Lili Hod, "Dalia"
Julie Vino Haute Couture
By Watters, "Waltz"
Kim Kassas Couture, "Loretta"
Wtoo by Watters, "Dazzle"

(Above, Moira Hughes, "The Adelite")

Among the runway shows this year were options and variety galore. We had such a difficult time narrowing down a few key trends and picking photos given how many high-quality, gorgeous dresses graced New York stages last week. Your bridal journey is unique to you and your wedding-day outfit follows suit. The biggest takeaway from this year's New York Fashion Bridal Week is how sprawling options are for brides; with so many elements available for customization and detachable accessories showing up in a major way there's no better time to delve into the world of the editorial than your wedding. Whether a jumpsuit, ballgown or mini dress, the gowns that debuted this past week are fit to make every bride look right off the runway.