Get Your Groom On: Embrace a Modern Wedding With These Trendy Ideas

Across the wedding industry, grooms are redefining wedding traditions with heartfelt and memorable results.
Written by
Emily Sweet

With the endless flows of wedding inspiration constantly manifesting, it's easy to get caught up in the flashy gowns, venues and florals. Wedding-day details aren't only for brides, and we are seeing grooms across the country define their own martial unions with adorable and special touches. It's only fair to give all the grooms out there a moment in the spotlight - there's so much unfolding in menswear trends and day-of traditions to talk about. We've rounded up some of our favorite ways we're seeing grooms engage with weddings now. From making a grand entrance for your walk down the aisle to exploring bold colors and patterns that are defining 2024 fashion, we've got you covered. 

1. Get Your Main Character Moment 

The first trend that is taking hold of weddings across the industry helps our groom make his grand entrance in style. In the same way our brides look forward to a main-character moment as they glide down the aisle, many grooms are rightfully opting for their own spotlight moment. We're seeing a lot of super unique takes on a walk down the aisle, but a few standout as picture-perfect moments. In a real wedding captured by Fotos by Fola, our groom opted to have his posey of groomsmen accompany him down the aisle for the most important walk of his life. 

Trending right now you can also find all sorts of alternate interpretations of the typical wedding procession. For our grooms, it's truly about what you want on your special day, which doesn't always mean following tradition to a tee. Some couples are choose to make their walk down the aisle together and some grooms keep loved ones close by for their entrance. It's all about your personality - one idea we've been loving is choosing a specific song catered to accent the groom's entrance. Whether it's a live string quartet or 50 Cent, having your big entrance to a song you love makes all the difference. 

2. Bring Gameday to Your Wedding Day

The modern groom brings all his interest to the wedding-day design, including the affinity many couples share for gameday. One of our favorite trends recently has groomsmen and grooms entering the venue morning-of with an NFL-style gameday showcase. From fun outfits to full out costumes, our grooms are finding exciting ways to get the party started from the first moment. Cayley and Griffin went all in with this concept for their nuptials and the photos are lifelong keepsakes that gave each groomsmen and (of course) our groom a true hype-up moment. Even better, let your videographer capture the moments with that classic ESPN-highlight style. 

Mark & Jenna Videography

3. Candid Photos Are Here to Stay 

The candid photo has been having a moment and shows no signs of stopping. Who doesn't want the most authentic and genuine moments of their big day captured with no posing involved? All over the industry we've been seeing stylized shots of groomsmen and bridal parties enjoying pre-wedding drinks and laughs. Some of our favorite wedding pics capture the friendship and love between a groom and his posey. You can also never go wrong with a classic champagne-popping picture. It can feel strange to go all-out with a photographer if you aren't used to it, but if there's ever a time to embrace being on-camera and get some stylized shots, it's your wedding day. There are a lot of benefits to finding a documentary-style photographer who can capture not only the big picture moments but all the nuances of your day between not only you and your partner, but your family and friends. 

4. Don't be Afraid to Explore Color and Texture in Your Menswear Look

One thing that is defining weddings across the industry right now is a resurgence of color. It can be intimidating to opt for bolder hues while keeping décor timeless, but some of our favorite looks are coming from the bright and personalized style we're seeing. When thinking about color, make sure to bring your entire bridal party into the vision; colored suits are a delight to see for groomsmen by the altar and make for an individualized vibe. Jewel-toned suits and menswear options have been all the rage, but as we head into spring and summer think pastels and soft hues. 

When it comes to accessorizing, pairing bold colors together with your tie and suit is a jubilant take on wedding-day attire. If you're looking for a trendier option that lets you have a floral focus as well as your partner, floral boutonnieres have been popping up as an ethereal and organic addition to a dapper suit. 

Your Wedding Day is About YOU

The bottom line as we move into 2024 is that there truly are no bounds in terms of wedding style and menswear. The weddings that are standouts from this past year embraced the individuality of their newlyweds - however you want to customize and cater your wedding to make it the most enjoyable and memorable day for you is what you should do! Especially for grooms, make sure to find ways to celebrate and highlight yourself as you deserve. Whether it's a pop of color or a unique twist on tradition that brings in people close to your heart, you won't be sorry for adding in something that is not only meaningful, but fun.