Spotlight: Cozy & Chic Winter Wedding Inspiration

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Embrace the chill with these expert-approved ideas
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Laura Cross

In a world where the majority of weddings unfold between May and October, the allure of a winter celebration is undeniable. Saying "I do" surrounded by the warmth of your loved ones, combined with the cozy ambiance of the season, can create a truly magical and unforgettable experience. Winter weddings are an opportunity to embrace the beauty of seasonal florals and indulge in festive culinary delights, transforming your celebration into a perfect blend of coziness and chic sophistication. We've collaborated with local experts to explore 6 ideas that will promise to elevate your winter wedding into a cozy and romantic affair.

1. Create Winter's Magic
Ashley Kuehnel from Midwestern Bride urges couples to transcend the ordinary by moving beyond the conventional garlands and lit trees. Immerse yourselves in the scents, textures and warmth that encapsulate winter's charm, reflecting on the magical aspects that defined winter in your youth. Introduce custom fir scents, hanging installations of snowflakes, an array of diverse ornaments, tinsel and the vibrant touch of winter berries. Blanket your lounges in tartan, serve cranberry walnut sourdough for the bread course and infuse a hint of cranberry and rosemary into your cocktails. Kuehnel recommends incorporating elements that evoke childhood magic, steering away from Pinterest trends and instead, embracing details that genuinely resonate as special in your own lives.

Olivia Leigh Photography
Olivia Leigh Photography
2. Indulge in Interactive Culinary Delights
Twisted Radish Catering suggests enhancing your winter wedding aesthetic with interactive food stations that allow guests to indulge in the abundance of the season. Imagine a hot chocolate bar adorned with all the trimmings or a build-your-own bruschetta station featuring an array of fresh toppings. These stations serve not only as a culinary delight but also as communal gathering spots, inviting guests to mingle and savor the festivities.

Photo courtesy of Twisted Radish Catering
Courtesy of Twisted Radish Catering
3. Embrace Winter Styling
According to Heather Farr of Heather Farr Events, velvet bridesmaids dresses are not just on-trend - they're fashion-forward and a luxe textural choice that is particularly fitting for the winter season. To enhance your bridal ensemble, Farr recommends elevating your look with a stylish jacket - be it an elegant or edgy choice - that aligns with your unique personality. Additionally, consider booking a hotel with a beautifully decorated lobby as you're getting ready location – a perfect backdrop for pre-ceremony photos, ensuring a touch of holiday charm and shelter from Wisconsin's unpredictable weather.

Nicole DeFillipis Photography
Nicole DeFillipis Photography
4. Light Up Your Wedding
Indulge in the timeless romance and cozy ambiance of winter with the soft glow of candles. According to Constanza Liborio of Velvet Rentals, nothing surpasses the enchantment created by candles during this season. The subtle, natural candlelight not only imparts warmth but also adds an old-world flair to any gathering. 

Abigail Miles Photography
Abigail Miles Photography
5. Serve a Seasonally-Inspired Menu
Infusing winter weddings with a comforting touch, Pollen & Platter Catering goes beyond the ordinary, transforming into hearths of abundance. Kicking things off with a Beef Empanada starter and featuring a heartening main course like the signature Earth-Oven Chicken (slow-cooked to perfection), each dish radiates a blend of comfort and elegance. Sides such as Garlic & Herb Mashed Potatoes and Mac N’ Cheese create a homestyle feel, crafting an ambiance of warmth. The 12-hour smoked Brisket and Slow Stewed Bacon BBQ Beans offer robust, smoky options, while the Eggplant Parmesan caters to vegetarian guests. With a commitment to crafting menus that nourish and foster togetherness, Pollen & Platter Catering ensures that every winter wedding becomes a joyous and warmly remembered occasion.

Courtesy of Pollen & Platter Catering
Courtesy of Pollen & Platter Catering
6. Raise the Bar
Elevate your winter wedding's chic factor by featuring a signature espresso martini espresso as a stylish and indulgent drink option - or make a grand statement with a martini tower, a trend predicted by Megan Bridenhagen of Northern Haus for this season. Guests can enjoy the rich and invigorating flavors while adding a touch of sophistication to the celebration.

Photo courtesy of Northern Haus
Photo courtesy of Northern Haus

Main Photo: Larissa Marie Photography