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Sparkling Wedding at The Historic Grain Exchange

A light-filled day, celebrated in gold and deep red tones
Emma Franke

Set among the lavish frescoes and gold leaf-coated pillars of the Historic Grain Exchange, Jen and Tony celebrated a love-filled day among family and friends.  Their gold and red decor, which complemented the drama of their reception space, held special meaning: the couple met wearing the maroon of UW La Crosse on the tennis court, and the rich red flowers from Floral Keepsakes paid homage to their shared history. Gold was chosen in memory of the bride's sister, who passed away due to childhood cancer. Her life was honored in the details of the day, from the bridesmaid gowns to the cake and table settings. An artist painted a picture of the reception in real-time during the reception: a gift from the bride's mother that has become a cherished keepsake. The bride used her background in graphic design to create a custom couple's logo, and she hand wrote all the invitations and signage. Wedding guests couldn't resist the siren call of the band, Platinum, and soon everyone was out on the dance floor, celebrating the love between Jen and Tony on their special day. 

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