Eight Smart Wedding Planning Tips from a Seasoned Florist

From budgeting to design, Milwaukee Flower Co. shares expert advice for creating your dream wedding.

Image Credit: Autumn Silva Photography

Hands down, one of the most important details for a visually stunning wedding are the flowers. Next to the wedding gown, they're often one of the most commented-on features of the big day, with guests ooing and ahhing over the beautiful blooms. From the bouquets to the table arrangements, floral design sets the tone through color palette, composition and seasonal selection. That's why it's especially important you choose a wedding florist who shares your vision from start to finish. Someone you can trust to offer expert advice and deliver a product (artwork, really!) that will make an unforgettable initial and lasting impression. Sally Vander Wyst, owner of Milwaukee Flower Co. is sharing some of her favorite tips for a flawlessly designed wedding day. 

1. Shared Vision: Choose a florist who can execute your vision. Peruse their portfolio and make sure it matches your style. Here is a link to Sally's work.

2. Trust the Expert: Hire a flower design expert and let them run with your vision. A knowledgeable florist will execute beyond your wildest dreams. A little trust goes a long way.

3. Budget Basics: Think of reception décor as one budget: linens, lighting, chairs and, of course, flowers. Together, they make a huge impact on the vibe of a space.

4. Match Maker: I often see clients make this mistake. Men’s attire should not dictate your reception décor. Just because they’re wearing navy suits doesn't mean you need a navy napkin at your reception.

5. Make an Impact: Guest table décor makes the biggest statement and is the best way to spend your flower budget. No need to get carried away with accent table décor, as those tables are often outside the main room and see the least foot traffic.

6. Design Direction: Consider floral suspension above your head table or dance floor. It will help create an intimate and luxurious experience. Reception spaces with the biggest impact have arrangements at varying heights. even adding just a few tall arrangements or one installation can make the space feel twice as grand.

7. Hire a Planner: Planning can be fun and stressful all at the same time. When spending money on your wedding it pays to have your vision executed by an expert who sees the big picture and is able to pull it all together. Make sure you hire someone with the experience to complement the scale of your event.

8. Give Back: Consider hiring an organization like Petals for Patients to grab your flowers after the wedding. They redesign your arrangements and donate the blooms to cheer hospice patients and their families (Bonus: it’s tax deductible).

About Milwaukee Flower Co.:

Milwaukee Flower Co. is a full-service flower design studio. We pin all the boutonnieres, deliver the bouquets while you’re getting ready (Sally’s favorite part of wedding day!), curate the ceremony décor and bring the reception to life! And when it’s all over, we will be there to take it away, composting the leftover blooms and hauling the vessels, so your family and friends can enjoy the celebration without having to run around!

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