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Gold & Cream: A Match Made in Heaven

Reeve Currie

If ever there were two hues that perfectly play off one another, it's glittering gold and pale, creamy white. Instagram has us lost in soft, feminine decor this week that has us dreaming of elegant, romantic moments with those we love. 

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Are you team American Idol or team The Voice?! We’ve been watching both shows and can’t get enough. I’m a huge Katy Parry fan but was unsure of the combination of these judges, but they’ve been so fun to watch! What draws us to these shows are the stories behind each of the individuals competing. It is so inspiring to watch these dreamers chase after what they were born to do. I remember 2014 when I first started dreaming about owning my own business. It was a lot of late nights when I was just about to fall asleep and I couldn’t seem to turn my brain off. I’d roll over and write down ideas into the notes section of my phone. It has been so refreshing to see the excitement of the shows and even though I am cherishing every moment of my maternity leave, it is getting me excited to create again! Just a little over a month until we fly out to Portland for our first wedding of 2018, and we know it’s going to be amazing!!

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