Make Your Wedding a Work of Art

Bring a unique element to your special day with a live painter.
Written by
Stephanie Janssen

When you’re planning a wedding, you always think about the photographer—but now you might also want to consider a painter. Live wedding painting is a hot new trend in the wedding scene, a unique way to capture your special moments. As you consider artists, take a look at their style, as well as cost and whether the artist will need to travel. Finally, book the artist as soon as possible because schedules fill up quickly. Nicole Bobholz, a Milwaukee-based artist, got into wedding painting through a friend. She typically arrives at the venue two to three hours early to set up and start painting the background. Guests can watch her in action as she captures a special moment of the couple’s choosing, usually during the ceremony or at the reception. She’ll continue painting throughout the event, so the couple can depart for their next chapter with a finished masterpiece in hand. 




Live Painting