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Pairing Wisconsin Beers with Reception Food


Q. My fiancé and I would like to incorporate locally brewed beers into our reception, but don’t know how to pair them with different foods. Help!

A. Wisconsin is brimming with many outstanding breweries (72 total!) offering refreshing, tasty beers. “There are so many different types of beer, it’s easy to pair them up with a meal,” says Deb Carey, founder and president of New Glarus Brewing Company, one of the state’s top craft breweries.

“If you’re serving chicken, any pilsner will do. Steak or prime rib would go best with a more substantial brew, like a brown or red ale,” advises Carey. “Belgian-style beers pair well with seafood and fish.” New Glarus’ Raspberry Tart is a popular picks for weddings thanks to its distinctive bright red hue with pink foam. “It looks gorgeous in the glass, and many couples use it for toasting instead of, or in addition to, champagne,” notes Carey. 

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