The Perfect Brunch Wedding

Brunch Wedding catering by Yield Bakehouse
The recipe for a brunch wedding menu that's sure to delight every guest.
Written by
Sarah Baumann Rogers


Spring/Summer 2021

Do you prefer bellinis and brioche to steak and syrah? Favor afternoon lawn games over midnight dance parties? If so, a brunch wedding just might be for you. Here are our top tips for hosting the perfect one.

But First, Coffee

The coffee course is common, but with brunch weddings, it takes center stage. Consider hosting a full espresso bar, complete with a menu of specialty coffees.

Check out Milwaukee coffee all-stars like Pilcrow Coffee, whose catering options include a mobile coffee bar and their famed Nitro coffee. Or, Roast Coffee Co., whose full-service espresso bar packages include drinks like the “Blushing Bride” (raspberry white chocolate mocha) or “Better Together” (French vanilla cappuccino).


A Bevy of Beverages

Festive cocktails aren’t just for evening receptions—they’re perfect for brunch, too. Start with the classics, like a bloody mary bar stocked with all the festive fixings: pickles, celery, olives, hot sauce, lemon and limes, and of course, Wisconsin cheeses and sausages. A mimosa bar is also sure to please, especially with a variety of juices, fresh fruits and herbs like mint or basil.

As always, be sure to offer delicious non- alcoholic options. Fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, sparkling water and iced tea all lend themselves beautifully to a midday celebration.

Menu Planning

The sky’s the limit when it comes to planning the brunch menu of your dreams. David Porto, director of events at Blue Plate Catering in Madison, recommends a mix of at least six different foods, both sweet and savory.

Consider stations, says Porto. Blue Plate has catered omelet stations, pancake bars and chef-carved prime rib. Other delicious ideas include a bagel bar with smoked salmon and toppings galore, a French toast station, a breakfast sandwich station, or even a cereal bar. And if you’re wild about waffles, Milwaukee’s Press Waffles will set up a bar with all the fixings, or bring their charming vintage food truck onsite.

Your menu doesn’t have to be casual, it should be as special as the big day itself. Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro in Milwaukee, for instance, has hosted many a brunch wedding, with elegant multi-course menus that include pâté and cheese, quiche Lorraine and crab and spinach benedicts, as well as high tea-inspired options like cucumber- watercress sandwiches, scones with chantilly cream, and caviar with crème fraîche and blinis.


End on a Sweet Note

Don’t get us wrong: cake is a good idea any time, day or night. But if you want a brunch option that’s a little lighter than the traditional four- tiered confection, consider angel food or coffee cake. Also, think pastries. Trays heaped with croissants, cinnamon rolls, pain au chocolat, doughnuts, scones, beignets, profiteroles and macarons will be a welcome addition. Lastly, of course, don’t forget nature’s preferred sweet treat: any brunch wedding is best served with plenty of fresh fruit.




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