Picture Perfect: 10 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer


Choosing a photographer is one of the decisions that will last a lifetime. Wedding photos are the one thing that you don't want to regret, so picking the right photographer can be a tough decision. Here 10 tips to help make the decision process a tiny bit easier.

1. Use Social Media: Look up the Instagram and Facebook accounts of the photographers you are considering to see their style of photography. 

2. Client Referrals: Ask to see wedding albums of recently married friends, co-workers or relatives. Be sure to ask about more than just the photographs, ask how long it took to get the photos, did they like working with the photographer the day of? Any complaints? If you don't have a recommendation you like, then be sure to ask the photographers you are considering to see their portfolio of wedding albums so you can do thorough research. 

3. Think about what is most important to you: Is it people shots? Images of the decor? Then ask the photographer what they specialize in and make sure it's the right fit. 

4. “It’s important to view a lot of different photographers’ work because it will start to give you an idea about the differences in style and prices. Also, it’s really important to connect with your photographer. That will take you a long way in achieving the style you’ve seen advertised.”—Michael Hedden, Evoke Photography

5. Get Familiar with different styles of photographer. Do you like images that have a photojournalistic feel? Something more editorial? Filtered images? Romantic? Avant garde? Portraiture? For every style, there's a photographer out there that will fit your vision. 

6. “The more your photographer is respected as an artist as well as a professional, the better. It’s something you are paying for and builds your trust. It’s great to have positive energy around you while creating beautiful photographs. Photography can be quite an investment, but having peace of mind along with amazing memories is priceless.” —Kristi Klemens, KLK Photography 

7. Read the Fine Print: Be sure you know exactly what you are paying for when you sign your contract. Are you getting all the images? Select images? Is your wedding photographer including the album or is that separate. Review everything with them prior to signing the contract--and long before the day of the wedding. 

8. "If you’re inspired by the current trendy photo style, go for it. But be sure to incorporate timeless, elegant and classic styles, too. Because you never know, 20 years later that trendy style may look dated and wedding images are intended to stand the test of time."—Jim Kennedy, Jim Kennedy Photographers 

9. Know the Shooters: Many wedding studios have multiple shooters at a wedding so they capture every moment--from your grandpa taking a catnap during the ceremony to the last dance. Ask who will be assisting so you aren't surprised if a full team arrives. 

10. Personality is Everything: Remember, you will be with this person from start to finish on your wedding day, so if you don't like the photographers--you won't enjoy your day! Make sure you click and that it's someone you genuinely like. Many brides and grooms end up counting their photographer as one of their close friends by the end of their wedding. 

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