Wedding Ceremony Bagpiper


For brides in the North Woods, Gregor MacGregor is perhaps the best-known bagpiper for hire and a veteran at playing for weddings and other special events. Although he can be hired for any part of your wedding day, most couples choose to use him for their ceremony and perhaps part of the reception as well.

“I usually play the prelude for about 10 to 15 minutes before the ceremony begins, and then I can play traditional Scottish wedding music throughout the processional,” he says. “I am often asked to play ‘Highland Wedding’ at the end of the wedding; it’s a very upbeat melody that feels celebrational and happy.”

MacGregor stresses, though, that he is able to play any music that the bridal couple wants. He’s also available for hire in lower Wisconsin, such as Madison or Milwaukee, but the cost for travel is significantly higher. MacGregor recommends asking wedding vendors, such as your pastor or wedding planner, for advice on finding a good bagpiper for your event, as he admits most of his business comes from referrals.

“Only ask them for help if I am not available, of course,” he laughs.

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