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5 Glamorous Black Wedding Dresses Fit for Halloween

Reeve Currie

Halloween is the perfect time for all things dark and glam. We rounded up a few wedding dresses from across our bridal sites that are elegant, mysterious, and just edgy enough to fit right in with October 31st. Whether you're looking for an all-black gown, intricate lace details or playful polka dot netting, we've got you covered. 

1. The Daring Bride: 9 Fashion Forward Wedding Dresses - California Wedding Day

halloween wedding dresses

2. A Milwaukee Wedding with Rock-n-Roll Edge - Wisconsin Bride

halloween wedding dresses

3. Anne & KK - Minnesota Bride

halloween wedding dresses

4. Black Halloween-Inspired Wedding Gowns - Oregon Bride

halloween wedding dresses

5. Make a Statement: Noteworthy Black Wedding Gowns - Seattle Bride

halloween wedding dresses

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