From Wedding Photography to Bridal Fashion

Tie the Knot Bridal has come a long way before saying yes to the dress.
Written by
Magda Abdi


Wisconsin Bride Fall/Winter 2022

Jessica Bedore went from photographing gorgeous bridal gowns to selling them. She fell in love with photography while working as a PR intern for the Green Bay Packers after college, eventually parlaying her skills into her own photography business.

As a photographer, Bedore loved the aesthetics of wedding fashion, an interest that blossomed as she worked as a bridal consultant at Tie the Knot Bridal in Green Bay. Her interest only grew from there, prompting her to buy the business. Now, “As a boutique owner, I don’t work with brides as much as I used to, but I get to travel to designers and pick out the latest styles and trends, which is so fun!”

Bedore strives to create unique, unmatched experiences for brides, “starting with how they feel when they walk through our doors, continuing to how they feel in our gowns and ending with their ‘yes’ moment.” Her goal is to have her customers find the perfect dress without having to travel to larger cities.

Tie the Knot offers a variety of sizes and designers to choose from, including Essense of Australia, Stella York, Martina Liana and more. The boutique’s branding is being revamped, and in-store improvements and some special touches are pending.

“We’re excited first and foremost to continue offering the same elevated level of customer service that customers have come to expect at Tie the Knot Bridal,” she says. “I believe we have the absolute best staff in the area, and we make customer satisfaction our number one priority.”


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