SPOTLIGHT: The Top Wedding Trends To Expect in 2023

Industry experts predict what popular trends we'll be seeing this year!
Written by
Laura Cross

Weddings are about celebrating unity and creating unforgettable moments. And while this day should be about the two of you and channeling your personalities so that the day is highly personal and perfectly you, what is "of the moment" will always play a role in the day. 2023 is in full swing and we're loving what we're seeing so far! From fashion and florals to food and photography, read on to see what trends industry experts predict will take off this year!


As a bridal styling specialist who has 8 years of experience, I have seen hair trends evolve quite a bit through the years. Over the past few years, my team and I have noticed that there has been a shift towards a desire for the simplicity of looks. Many brides are looking for something more chic and classic. Whether this entails a simple bun, or big voluminous curls-I am a big fan! These are looks that will never go out of style. ~ Lexi Lee Hair

I'm predicting this year we are going to be straying away from the boho trend we've been seeing and heading more in a classic bridal style with a modern twist. I predict we will see more styles like the French twist, but with more texture, smooth low buns styled to perfection. One thing I'm hoping becomes a trend, is hair accessories that are out of the norm, such as feathers, glitter, lace. Something different than our usual hair pins and clips. ~ Gemma-Louise, Beaut by Gemma-Louise


I think that this year will bring forth a couple different things when it comes to catering. First, we've continued to see more movement towards plated meals, but a little less traditional in regards to plated meals not needing to take 90-120 minutes. The second trend that we are continuing to see more of is stations, and specifically stations that have some sort of chef interaction. This is a great way to offer different types of food to guests while still having a set dinner time. Incorporating tacos, a stir fry station, a mashed potato bar, wings, sliders, etc., is a fun idea when traditional entrees don't seem like the right fit. ~ David Porto, Blue Plate Catering (Madison)


Have fun with color! Couples are using bright hues to make their weddings more unique and personal with painted blooms, colorful containers, and bold accents. ~ Erin, daffodil*parker

This year is all about big blooms and less greenery. That's right! Clients are shifting away from eucalyptus abundant weddings in favor of minimal textural greenery tucked into bloom heavy designs. Showcasing their chosen color palette! ~ Drew Hawley, Flowers For Dreams


Besides disco balls, when it comes to decor and furniture rentals, I predict there will be a lot more candlelit receptions, dressed lounge vignettes, and more elevated colors - from bar stations to invitations and all the way to the detail of the cake. Elevating your ceremony and reception with candles creates a magical moment all around by giving off a celestial vibe with the flames glistening in the vessels or hurricanes. Even though we know what most of our couples this year are renting, we know that there’s always room for more decor to make the space feel like a fairytale. ~ Jessica Thill, Relics Rentals

I foresee simple, sophisticated design touches, including nontraditional use of fresh flowers and fun yet elegant multi-colored and shaped vases, continuing this year. This new focus on simplicity fits perfectly with the warm, welcoming atmosphere of Tattersall River Falls. ~ Christie Forciea, Tattersall River Falls


Your furry pal can be included in more than your proposal and engagement;) - with proper prep. We're seeing a major uptick in our couples wanting to ALL members of their family to be a part of their wedding; and our dogs are 100% a very important family member! Knowing your animals limits are key- and if having your dog there the day of isn't in his or her best interest, try custom cocktail napkins with your pup's face, or doggy treat favors from your pup for your guest to take home to their own! ~ Olivia and Bryan McCracken, O & B Photo Co


Something I believe is going to be a big wedding trend this year is maximalist signage that comes in different shapes and sizes as well as props that are used as statement pieces on wedding day. ~ Shi Norman, Lettered by Shi