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Recipe Card: Lemon Berry Mascarpone Cake

A luscious, light and lemony treat any guest would love

Amassing recipe cards traditionally started with the bridal shower, when guests were asked to share their favorite recipes with the nearlyweds. Nowadays you can find any recipe at the click of a button; no more "I know it's in here somewhere, I wrote it on the back of a napkin!" (Mom). While your recipe box might not be overflowing with the handwritten cards (or napkins) from yesteryear, we're hanging on to the idea by offering our very own monthly recipe card column. We'll be featuring easy, yummy, beautiful recipes for you to add to your collection, however you choose to store it.

This is a teahouse cake. The kind of cake you enjoy with friends for Sunday brunch. It's always popular with company, even for those who claim they’re “not a cake person” and would be a welcomed addition to any bridal shower, although with a few additional tiers we think it could most certainly hold its own as a wedding cake. The fluffy mascarpone frosting is the perfect kind of sweet and don’t even get us started on the buttery lemon crumbles...



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