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On, Wisconsin

Be it the cheese, the Badgers, the Packers, or the diversity among each beautiful season (even winter), there’s a lot to celebrate about being a Wisconsinite. And if this is the state where you fell in love, then there’s even more reason to to make a big deal about the dairyland.

Your wedding day should be about telling you and your future husband’s story. If the state is the setting for such a romantic tale, don’t forget to include it in your big day. Here are a few ways to celebrate your state:

Madison Cufflinks

Wisconsin Map Cufflinks, AvantGardeDesign

WI Welcome Bags

Wisconsin Welcome Bags, BeCollective

WI Necklace

Wisconsin State Necklace, PreciousWingsCom

WI Postcards

Vintage Postcard Favors, BurstsofCreativity

WI Guest Book

Guest Book, MooseberryPaperCo

WI Ring

Wisconsin Wedding Band (made from a state quarter), TheRingTree

WI Sign

Wisconsin Alternative Guestbook Sign, GraceGraffiti

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