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Keeping Kids Under Control at Your Wedding

They're cute and cuddly, but can cause chaos too. How to keep kids calm at your wedding.

Q. My mother is a little upset because we’re going to have a lot of kids at our wedding. I think she imagined a much more formal event than we’re planning and she thinks children will make it noisy and chaotic. We’re not going to change our plans, but I’m wondering if you have any suggestions to keep the children under control and make her happier.

A. Kudos to you for your diplomacy. It’s always nice if you can satisfy the desires of people close to you without compromising what you want. I’d suggest planning for some type of childcare at the wedding, which doesn’t have to be super-expensive if you enlist the services of some trustworthy teens. Have them organize a few activities for the little ones in a room near the reception hall—coloring tables, bubbles, movies, etc.—to channel some of the energy and keep things fairly low-key. Good luck! 


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