Creating The Perfect Proposal: Stories & Tips From The Experts

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Written by
Laura Cross
It's that time of year! And no, we're not just talking about the holidays ... it's engagement season!! Deciding when and how to plan a proposal is never easy, and regardless of whether you're thinking of going big, small or somewhere in between, creating a memory that lasts a lifetime is the most important feat of them all. You, of course, want every single thing to be perfect and we want to help you do that. There's no wrong way to propose but we've gathered a few stories and tips from our industry experts who've seen - and experienced - it all. 

Hire a photographer or videographer to capture the moment from a far. It's always nice to have the memory and you can use the images for your save the dates or even your wedding website. ~ Tiara Gamez, Events To A T

Get engaged in the spring! Everything is coming to life, starting fresh and new, and you’re starting a new life with the person you love. It’s really beautiful and symbolic. And, it’s also the best time to book a venue for the wedding! ~ Christie Forciea, Director of Events & Catering, Tattersall River Falls

The perfect proposal should take into account the personality of each couple. I start first with a personalized touch that will strike a chord with the couple. For example, if they have a black lab, I include a photo of a black lab wearing a floral collar and I mention the name of the pet in my introduction. From there, I fine tune each section of the proposal to reflect what matters most to them. It could be the color palette, it could be value with cost options, or showing select blooms that I plan on using for the big day. These personalized details not only show that I was listening but also that I care and want their day to reflect who they are as a couple. #detailsmatter ~ Drew Hawley, Flowers for Dreams

Be thoughtful. Do you think your partner would like a public proposal or something intimate with just the two of you? The biggest thing we've heard with proposals is that the other partner was acting weird and gave it all away. Plan something where you'll both feel calm and comfortable. You'll tell this story over and over again, so make sure it's something you feel good about. ~ Tiara Gamez, Events To A T

Make it a proposal that they won’t forget by lighting it up in big marquee letters! ~ Jacqueline and Jessica Luy, Alpha-Lit Letters Milwaukee

My brother, Richard, met Caitlyn during the early days of the pandemic, so their first date was an outside fire night at a family member's house in the country. For the engagement he rented a tent from Ash and Arrow and they had a romantic fire night in the spot of their first date. It was so cute and personalized, including favorite foods and a hot chocolate station for the cool October night. ~ Brandi Mueller, Blooms By Brandi

In the last 12 years of event planning, I have learned innumerable things, but there are two that come to mind immediately. First, it's critical to remember that I am helping to plan and execute one of the most important days of someone's life. The entire day is a reflection of who they are, and it is a privilege to have a special look into each unique couple. Second, couples don't frequently plan weddings, so there are times that they may not know that they are looking for help. Paying attention to both verbal and non-verbal cues will help us make appropriate recommendations and bring the couple's vision to life. More generally, like with most relationships, learning about our clients and not treating them like a number has made our planning process enjoyable. It truly is a partnership, and we value each client's input. ~ David Porto, Blue Plate Catering

Plan a celebration after! This is a huge milestone to celebrate. The celebration could be just the two of you doing something special or an engagement party with family and friends. ~ Tiara Gamez, Events To A T

Find a time and a place to get engaged that will be memorable and sentimental for you and your partner. ~ Christie Forciea, Director of Events & Catering, Tattersall River Falls