10 Unique Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Appreciate

Wow your guests on your big day with something they won't toss in the trash the minute they get home.
Written by
Carolyn Henkle

On your big day, your choice of wedding favors should reflect who you and your partner are as a couple. Below, we have a few ideas for all personalities that will be both useful and unique. 

1. Luggage Tags

The adventure begins with you new married life, and your guests will love this homage to you when you gift them with personalized leather luggage tags. They are perfect for a destination wedding, and your guests can even use them when they fly home. Personalize these tags from Escort Tags with a variety of quotes and colors to match the theme of your special day. 

2. Moscow Mules

Give your guests a beautiful gift with these gourmet Moscow mule kits from Fountain. This is a premium gift that's sure to wow. The set includes a metallic moscow mule mug, gummy bears, mineral water, and ginger cocktail syrup. Delicious! 

3. Coffee

You and your partner are the perfect blend, right? Give your guests something similar by filling these 4 by 6 inch resealable bags by Give It Pretty with everyone's morning pick-me-up. Buy the bags, and fill with your favorite beans, special roast, or ground elixir.

4. Midnight Snack Set

These favors are exactly the thing your guests need to munch on during their drive home from your big day. Use your imagination and fill these boxes with anything from popcorn to skittles to beer. 

5. Candle + Personalized Matches

Send your guests home with personalized matches and a scented candle to light around their house. These clear corked bottles by Jules and Joy Gifts come customized with any message you like. It's a match made in heaven! 

6. Macrame Keychains

For boho brides, these macrame keychains by Natural Spirit Macrame are giving the vibe you want. Made by hand with 100% cotton, these keychains will look amazing on any set of keys. Bonus, you can attach escort cards to the keychain hooks for your guests. 

7. Cookies & Milk

For baking lovers, these cookie bags are a great send off for guests. Add a glass of milk to go, and voilà, you have an amazing favor that will surely be gobbled up.

8. Chopsticks

Give your guests a gift which celebrates food with a custom pair of chopsticks. Printed on each sleeve is the sybmol for double happiness, a harbinger for your newly wedded life. Every time your guests sit down to eat something, they will remember your big day and eat happily.

9. Hangover Kits

If you are planning to host a party on your big day, these hangover bags are a fantastic favor to leave your guests with. Fill them with mints, vitamins, coffee, or whatever you think works best for a hangover. 

10. Mini Notebooks


Treat your guests to one of life's essentials with these customizable metallic foil notebooks from Wedding Favorites. These shining notebooks come with a mini pen for your guests to use, and this pen doubles as a notebook seal. After your wedding, your guests will be able to jot down their own love story in memory of yours. 


Hangover Kits
Luggage Tags
Moscow Mule Kit
Midnight Snack Set
Macrame Keychains
Cookie Bags