A More Creative Normal: Uniting Under What Matters Most

A note from the Editor, Megan White
Written by
Megan White


Spring/Summer 2021

Weddings Are About Unity: You and your soulmate becoming one. Your family and friends coming together to celebrate your union. Your wedding professionals working together to make your big day happen. And despite the social distancing we’ve adapted to, something magical is happening.

The soon-to-be-wed and the thousands of creative professionals who work with them are reimagining traditions, reevaluating what matters most, and discovering new ways to gather in the name of love. As we put together this issue, we worked with many unknowns and a new way of doing things—but the excitement, dedication, and determination of couples continue to inspire us every day. Our hearts are with you, and we are here to tell you that weddings are still happening and will continue to happen, in inventive and awe-inspiringly innovative ways.

From pressing social issues that raise our awareness and care for others to health concerns that spur us to think outside the cake box and concoct the cutest little single-serving sweets, the wedding world is reinventing itself to become more flexible and more dynamic—better for everyone.

As safety precautions continue to evolve, we encourage you to follow the most current regulations in your area. Having a planner on your team can be a great asset during these times. They keep track of changes in regulations and provide guidance on how to make your event as safe as possible, for you and all involved.

Human nature is resilient. Together, we are facing our new challenges with imagination and determination, and uniting to celebrate what matters most—love.

Megan White