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Venue Trend: Cool Enough For School

Tiffany and Jay Brussow have gone to school together since the fifth grade, so when it came time for the couple to choose a wedding venue, an old schoolhouse seemed like the perfect fit.

“I wanted it to feel like a step back in time, but also be fun,” says Tiffany, who held her May 2014 wedding at Cooksville Schoolhouse and Town Square in Porter. Tiffany decorated their charming venue with lots of old books—all love stories, of course—alphabet blocks spelling out “you and me” and “kiss,” miniature chalkboards and vintage flashcards. “My husband and I were even able to swing on the swing set just minutes before our ceremony.”

Doing their homework to find an original space that captured both a romantic and vintage vibe, the couple created an event that enchanted their guests. But extra credit came to the Brussows in the way of budget—with the schoolhouse costing only a couple hundred to rent and bearing no vendor restrictions, the couple could rule the school, putting their money into floral, décor and of course good food.

“The schoolhouse theme is easy to work with and get inspiration from,” says Tiffany. “It would be perfect for a couple of teachers, librarians, historians and even just lovers of good books.” Cooksville Schoolhouse and Town Square, Porter,

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