5 Things to Consider for Your Wedding Photography

A couple stands before their ceremony backdrop; photographed by Wild Elegance
Your wedding photographer will impact the memories you keep of your wedding all your life; below, five things to keep in mind
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Wild Elegance

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In an age of filters and apps that create flawless skin and cat-ears, and cameras on our phones that are powerful enough to capture up-close images of a butterfly wing, professional photography still has clout when it comes to the wedding industry.

The process for hiring a photographer can be daunting. Different platforms for finding yours:

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  • Facebook
  • Other wedding websites
  • Referrals from friends

When selecting your photographer, it is important to look at many things that will ensure you get the best fit for your big day.

All photographers have a style, and many are similar. Depending on the trends, some are more vintage, some are high-contrast, and others maintain a classic style. Looking at the style of a photographer’s edited pictures will help you get the pictures you will always love.

Posing is huge for wedding portraits. Traditional posing involves little movement and slight movements to achieve a picture-perfect pose. Modern posing leans into movement and interaction between the couple. Determine which vibe you want and what you will be most comfortable with as a couple.

This may be one of the biggest factors when selecting a photographer. You are with your photographer all day long. Finding someone who matches or complements your personality as a couple is huge. Also, someone who can corral your wedding party and direct the day will count as a huge asset to the flow of your day.

A photographer who captures the details, the tiny moments will be able to show you the things you missed in the whirlwind of your wedding day. Find someone who values those moments.

Price is always a factor. Finding a package that fits your needs (some offer flexible packages, others offer hourly), and your budget is possible. However, skimping on your wedding photographer is the one thing you want to avoid in terms of budget cuts. Your photography (and video - go for it) are the lasting memories of that special day.

No matter who you hire as your photographer, above all, do not settle. Your photographer is partially the ringmaster of the wedding day and having someone with strong artistic skills and fun personality will give you a flawless day without worries.