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Bright Wedding at Northern Haus in Sister Bay

Jacquelyn & Scott wed in an event themed "wildly in love."
Sydney Stevens

Iowa State University; little did he know he’d be proposing to the student leading the trip, Jacquelyn Luedtke, nine years later. Throughout college, the two ran into each other occasionally and finally went on a date. Then they went their separate ways, moving to different states for work. In 2017, they rekindled their relationship over Snapchat, and Jacquelyn flew to see Scott after a few months of talking. They have been together ever since. Two and a half years later, Scott, a woodworker, presented a handmade ring box and asked her to marry him outside the home they built together. Their wedding theme, “Wildly in love” perfectly described their relationship, so wildflowers of all colors were, of course, the natural choice for florals. “They symbolize the uniqueness for us to be able to grow on our own, but come together to create a beautiful love story,” Jacquelyn says. To honor the groom’s side, his mother made a ring pillow from the dress and suit his grandparents wore when they got married, embroidering the date of Jacquelyn and Scott’s day. As the night came to a close, everyone danced to “The Nights” by Avicii, a song that embodies the couple’s motto: “Live a life that you’ll always remember."

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