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Chic European Inspired Wedding at Villa Terrace in Milwaukee

Michelle and Austin's French and Italian inspired wedding featured a palette of creams, tans and champagne.
Sydney Stevens

Michelle Kosirowski knew something was special about Austin Matovich the moment she saw him as a UPS driver trainee when she was working at her family’s business. Nearly a month of flirting went by before Michelle got the courage to ask Austin out for dinner and drinks, which he happily agreed to. Eighteen months later, Austin took lead on the next major ask. “He told me how much I changed his life and how much he loved me. Then he told me to cover my eyes,” Michelle says. “When I opened them, he was kneeling with the ring in his hand.” Inspired by French and Italian style, the couple’s choice of Villa Terrace on Lake Michigan and a palette of creams, tans and champagne transported their guests to the European seaside. Antique brass candlesticks, white florals, olive sprigs and jars of olive oil as thank-you favors adorned the tables, enhancing the Romeo and Juliet ambiance Michelle and Austin were going for. The ancient Celtic tradition of handfasting was included in the ceremony, wherein the couple’s hands are bound together, symbolizing the new union of bride and groom. The couple also sipped from the same glass of wine in the wine blessing, agreeing to share all that life has to offer. One of the special moments was sneaking away from the reception to enjoy a few moments together as a brand-new married couple.

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