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Details for the Beachy Bride

Reeve Currie

Weddings on the water take on a dreamy hue with bright sunshine and warm breezes. We love these airy shots on Instagram of brides enjoying all those lakeside perks! 

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No cookie cutter wedding sweets in this house.

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You can be that person for the people you lead if you believe in them and see their potential rather than their limitations. It's amazing what people will accomplish when they know you believe in them. -Jon Gordon I'm overwhelmed. I'm overwhelmed by the growth. I'm overwhelmed by the choices. I'm overwhelmed by my grateful heart. Erik + I have taken some scary risks. We made choices over the past few years that stretched us and grew us. We leaped into the unknown and uncertainty to gain a better perspective and just go after our dreams. Our dreams were and are too big to ignore. Our dreams pushed us even when we were hesitant. Here we are. Here we are in NorCal. Here we are coming up on our four year anniversary of our business. Here we are coming up on our three year anniversary of our marriage. Here we are coming up on our two year anniversary of moving to California. It's crazy to think about what all has happened over the past few years and I'm so grateful we just decided. We just went for it. We just learned. We just picked ourselves up. We just pushed through obstacles. We just kept faith. We just knew we could do it. So here we are-- doing it. Some days are scary. Some days are awesome. Some days are full of doubt. Some days are unknown. Some days we feel on top of the world. Building a business + dream life takes resilience, belief, and consistency. It takes trust and a good attitude. If we can do it-- so can you. I believe that full well. Our team will change your life, not just your finances. Our team makes us better at life. Our team has given us community we've always craved. Why not you, too? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU @trevorandelisebeth . You both are so incredibly talented and I can't wait to share more of your beautiful photos. You are incredible.

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Dresses with movement on film

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Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist!

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