An Elegant and Glamorous Day at Church of the Gesu and Hilton Milwaukee

Real Wedding
With an eye for elegance and glamour, Tiffany and Blake wed at the dramatic cathedral on Marquette University campus and hosted a dazzling reception at the Hilton crystal ballroom.
Written by
Carolyn Henkle
From a dormitory laundry room to the Hilton Milwaukee's signature crystal ballroom, Tiffany and Blake are exactly the married couple that was meant to be. As is the chore for every new college student, Tiffany and Blake met while practicing the essential: laundry. Laundry at Marquette University eventually led to a marriage ceremony six years later just a block past the dormitory where they first met. At the iconic Church of the Gesu, these two Marquette alumns tied the knot. The grandness of Church of the Gesu paired with the stunning crystal ballroom at the Hilton set the foundation for Tiffany and Blake's special day. Simple and elegant in her satin princess dress by Romona New York and adorned with a string of pearls, Tiffany glowed. Florals by Jane Kelly Floral added a dramatic touch to the ballroom while lighting in hues of pink and purple by Majic Productions blew guests away. Cascading floral at the head table highlighted Tiffany and Blake for a show stopping display. Tiffany and Blake shared many dance moves and laughs with their guests, indicative of a beautiful life of laughter ahead of them.