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A Homespun Romance Comes to Life in This Lake Geneva Wedding

High school sweethearts Caitlin and Joe celebrated their big day at the lake where they spent every summer with their families.
Sherri Hildebrant
Photo by Kristina Lorraine Photography

Wedding Date: August 24, 2019

Not many people can say they got married where they spent much of their youth, but that’s just what Caitlin Macy Faber and Joseph Marconi did.

“Lake Geneva is our happy place,” Cait says. “It’s where we made all our favorite memories together.” The high school sweethearts walked to school together every day in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and spent time at Lake Geneva each summer with their families. Even four years apart while they attended college—she in Texas, he in Iowa—didn’t divide them. In 2018, with family members peeking from the lake house, Joe took Cait to the lakefront and proposed.

Cait wanted the natural beauty of the lake and surrounding greenery to speak for itself at their wedding, so the couple kept the palette fairly neutral, with blues and grays, and emphasized lighting the large willow trees and surrounding area.

Along with touching moments, like when Joey whispered “You look so beautiful” to Cait just before the ceremony started, they created some offbeat memories, too. The entire 20-person bridal party nearly ended up in the lake when they posed for photos on the dock and suddenly heard a huge CRACK! as the dock began to sink. (Luckily, no one fell in.)

And Joey, who said all he wanted for the wedding dinner was a Culver’s burger and Portillo’s chocolate cake, got his wish: a Culver’s cheeseburger was served on a silver platter at dinner, and Portillo’s chocolate cake was served to all the guests. Since Cait’s father loves setting off fireworks, they were a must, and the evening ended dramatically as the skies lit up. “He did not disappoint,” says Cait.

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