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Spring Trends to Set Your Wedding Apart

Expert planners, designers, and florists give insight into this Spring's hottest wedding trends in Wisconsin
Emily Sweet

The past year has been a whirlwind of uncertainties and unexpected changes, especially for the wedding industry. Planning a wedding in normal times is always a daunting task - and in a global pandemic, it’s sure to be even crazier. But weddings have found new ways to adapt, allowing the timeless celebration of love to prevail. Whether it is color palettes, floral arrangements, or guest lists, this season’s expert wedding planners, designers and florists have weighed in on the hottest spring trends to make your wedding a showstopper. From neutral tones to intimate gatherings, these ideas are sure to spark inspiration and set your wedding apart from the crowd.

Intimate Weddings are Here to Stay 

In the midst of the pandemic, small gatherings have become the new norm, and owner and Lead Planner of Midwestern Bride, Ashley Kuehnel, believes this trend is here to stay. “As we prep for our 2021 busy season, we are finding that intimacy is the trend that won't go out of style!” Kuehnel said. “When the guest count stays more reasonable that budget can stretch and with that comes so much creativity. Think secluded and stylish lounges, more elaborate tablescapes to accompany multi-course dining, and room in the budget for more personalized touches throughout.” With a focus on the details, intimate weddings are a surefire way to build an experience you and your guests will cherish far down the road. 

For the boutique floral designers on the daffodil*parker team, this season’s trendiest events are micro-weddings: a fashionable way to prioritize safety and style at your wedding. The team said, “Small, intimate gatherings bringing immediate family and close friends together to celebrate love in smaller, cozy settings can be both stylish and safer than larger weddings. We see low, lush floral arrangements coupled with individually plated dinners and desserts for tablescapes that impress even for a pared down gathering.” With a focus on enjoying the company of guests and ample room for details and decor, micro-weddings are built on intimacy between guests and the wedding party and are sure to set your wedding apart from the rest this spring. 

With more focus on creative decor and floral details, Breanne Chase, CMP and Social Sales Manager for the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center, sees intimate weddings as a great way to create a safe, memorable experience for guests. “Wedding clients are definitely getting creative with ceremony, dining table, and floral arrangements to accommodate physical distancing for safety, while at the same time successfully creating very intimate settings for their guests. For décor trends, we are seeing couples focus on smaller unique centerpieces for tabletops which are focused on height variation and color instead of the more traditional large statement pieces.  Monona Terrace, Monona Catering and our clients continue to be really creative in the utilization of the large open and outdoor spaces we have to offer which provide stunning backdrops for very memorable (and safe) events,” Chase said. 

The Bigger the Better: Embracing Floral Arrangements 

With many weddings marked by smaller guest lists and more intimate gatherings, this season’s weddings are really all about the details. Sally Vander Wyst, owner of the Milwaukee Flower Co., believes extravagant floral decor is one of the trendiest elements in weddings this season. “Loads of flowers! We are seeing couples cut their guest list but not the floral decor, they want more than previously planned since their budget allows more flexibility they can get what they really want,” Vander Wyst said. Yet, whether it is with a smaller group or larger event, going all out on floral decor is a great way for your wedding to blossom. 

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