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Together Forever: Couple Love

Reeve Currie

Of all the moments you'll remember on your wedding day, the most important one is when it's just you and your bride or groom, soaking in all of those loving feelings. Scroll through these Insta photos of couples celebrating marriage, wrapped in each other's arms.

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On a Friday night January, hours before Nathan & Kayla’s wedding day, Nathan's father stood in front of family + friends that had joined them from every corner of the United States. He held onto his eldest son's shoulder as he addressed the woman he was about to marry. He told Kayla about the days he and his wife would pray for the woman that would someday come into their son's life. Nathan met Kayla, (after the two of them half way signed up onto a account) and their prayers were answered. He fought back tears and the rest of us fought back tears the following 24 hours. Simply put: God knows us so intricately and loves us so endlessly that he gives us days like that insanely fantastic Saturday. You are wild, Heavenly Father. The fact that I get to witness this stuff blows my mind.

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