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Kassandra + Matthew: Outdoor "I Dos" at Camp Rotamer

Jordan Dechambre

Wedding: June 10, 2017

Ceremony & Reception: Camp Rotamer, Janesville

Honeymoon: Dominican Republic

As Matthew Hoff and Kassandra Hendricks headed off to dinner one night before he was scheduled to leave for the weekend, Kassandra couldn’t help but notice that Matthew was texting nonstop. Little did she know he was arranging a surprise restaurant proposal that included Matthew’s dad capturing the event in photos. Since the couple’s journey started in their hometown of Janesville, Kassandra and Matthew were thrilled to find a quaint local camp where they could create their picture-perfect wedding. A natural-color palette complemented the camp’s picturesque setting, down to the couple’s French bulldog, Benson, who walked down the aisle with a floral collar around his neck (and a huge doggy smile on his face). As a unique surprise, the couple’s pastor brought wine from Israel and, with help from Kassandra’s grandmother, used this Holy Land souvenir to bless the couple during their vows: The bride and groom drank from one glass, a symbol for the cup of life and sharing all of its experiences together.

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