Find the Clean Origin Engagement Ring That Matches Your Style

A couple holds hands; the bride wears a lab-grown halo ring
Lab-grown and guilt-free: match your ring to one of these classic Wisconsin bridal styles
Written by
Emma Franke

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Wisconsin natives know that one of the best things about America’s Dairyland is the beauty of the outdoors. Whether your preferred scene is the view of Lake Mendota from the campus of UW Madison, the towering pine trees of the great Northwoods, or the prairie and farmland that stretch out for miles in the heart of Wisconsin, nature is a central part of life here. 

When it comes to engagement ring shopping, it can be hard to reconcile your love of the outdoors with the toll that diamond mining can take on the earth. Enter lab-grown diamonds. These precious gems are chemically, physically and optically the same as those grown beneath the Earth’s surface. The only difference? Where the diamond was formed. Lab-grown jewels come from cutting-edge technology that recreates the formation of underground gems, without the heavy machinery, explosives, hydraulic equipment or harsh working conditions of mining. 

Another huge perk of lab-grown? These jewels are anywhere from 20 to 40% less expensive, even though they are the same quality diamond: without the cost of mining built into the ring, your expense goes down. That means you can spring for a bigger diamond – or spend your savings on your honeymoon (unlimited drinks pass, anyone?). Lab-grown diamonds offer a huge diversity of styles and cuts, perfect for every type of bride. Below, check out our listings of classic Wisconsin styles and the Clean Origin rings that complement each unique bride.

Northwoods Rustic
Do you spend every summer up at your cabin or cottage, running through the woods and splashing in the lake? If you plan to let the beauty of the Northwoods do the talking at your wedding, consider a solitaire engagement ring. Like the summer sun shining on those golden cabin days, this simple setting is timeless – perfect for those who appreciate the simple things in life. 

Modern Farmhouse
If you are more comfortable in a flannel and boots than a cocktail dress, the classic collection is for you. Your wedding style is tried and true, and you’re sticking to the elements you love – wooden décor elements, local wildflowers, lacy details and delicious food. The typical “classic” ring features a pavé band with a brilliant center stone, perfect for brides who love sophistication and simplicity.

Hometown Vintage
From Victorian to mid-century modern, you have an appreciation for good design. The vintage collection at Clean Origin speaks to your old soul and brings its own history and tradition. In the same way that you honor your loved ones by getting married close to home, these classic rings pay tribute to the stories of the past. 

Downtown Chic
For the modern bride with dreams of an urban wedding, consider the geometric rings in the halo collection. Maybe you love the drama and brilliance of a starburst setting; or maybe you’re all about the royal oval (hello, Kate and Diana!). The flexibility of shape and color in the halo collection means that Madison and Milwaukee brides can match their ring to match any wedding vision.

The diamond shapes, settings, and metal colors at Clean Origin are completely customizable. Every detail can be discussed and perfected. After finding the perfect ring for your style, you can rest easy knowing that it is consciously created with both you and the earth in mind. The diamond you choose reflects your personality and style, of course, but more importantly, it represents the love between you and your partner (speaking of partners – don't miss this guide on subtle ways to find out ring sizes). No matter what, choose a ring you’re proud of that will last a lifetime. 

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