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Sky Blue: A Springy Pastel Hue

Reeve Currie

This soft blue makes every wedding day effortlessly polished and serene. Instagram is full of this seasonal color this week, bringing all our robin-egg-blue dreams to life. 

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As a kid, I hated hand-me-downs. I hated the idea that someone else got something new, and I only got it after it had been used. My mom always tried to soften it by saying things like, “It’s new to you, so it’s still new!” But I wasn’t fooled—my things were all used before I ever touched them. And I hated it. — Fast-forward to today... I am obsessed with the idea of heirlooms—I adore anything that can be handed down with a story to accompany it and bring it to life! Sure, new things are still nice, but nothing compares to an heirloom. And if you had told me 15 years ago, that I would feel this way today, I would’ve called you crazy! — So now I find myself searching for hand-me-downs, and dreaming of a day when I will pass them down to my kids. They might hate them, but here’s hoping they’ll have a change of heart like mine.

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