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Fun and Carefree Wedding at Burlap and Bells

CeCe and Bob's day was full of laughs and love.
Ericka Franklin
CeCe and Bob wed at Burlap and Bells

Wedding Date: July 27, 2019

As in many classic love stories, CeCe Cox and Bob Treffert met in school. But they weren’t students—she was the new school psychologist and he was the new special education diagnostician. When the pair met at dinner for their first date, they found themselves so deep in conversation that they lost track of time, and continued talking for hours in the parking lot. “It was like we knew each other forever,” CeCe recounts. Their wedding at Burlap and Bells focused on their love of family, with Bob’s children, Lyra, 9 and Hector, 7, serving as maid of honor and best man. The kids also wrote their vows, Mad Libs style, with the couple’s first reading of them at the ceremony. Bob’s favorite moment of the day was watching CeCe walk down the aisle; smushing cake in Robert’s face was CeCe’s (despite her promise not to). Karma reigned when CeCe caught a heel in her dress and ripped it during their first dance as husband and wife, which the couple greeted with good humor—just a taste of a life full of laughter to come.

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