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Phil + JC: Sweet Wedding Ceremony at the RedLine Gallery

Amanda Wegner

Wedding: May 13, 2017

Ceremony & reception: RedLine Gallery, Milwaukee

Honeymoon: Cancun, Mexico

Phil Cooke and JC Clementz were an instant match, with their initial dates quickly progressing from casual dinners to full-day outings. About 18 months into their relationship, the couple got engaged while surrounded by those closest to them, which set the stage for their wedding day filled with family and friends (and a cameo by their beloved dog Tinkin, a rescued Yorkie mix, who was present for photos). Phil and JC threw tradition to the wind for their wedding schedule—instead of starting the event with the ceremony and processionals, the couple began the night greeting guests as they arrived for a pre-ceremony cocktail hour. During this time, guests wrote blessings for the couple, some of which were read during the ceremony. Thanks to the couple’s mutual interest in theater and politics, the ceremony also included readings and storytelling: Their mothers read a selection from the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, interspersed with a poem, while members of the wedding party gave a dramatic reading of the couple’s first OkCupid conversation. But the highlight was an original piece by friends and the wedding party, showcasing first impressions and favorite thoughts of the couple. Just as they had set out to do, their special day captured their love story with touching and heartfelt contributions from family and friends.

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