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The Stars Align: A Historic Yet Modern Day in Delafield

Hailey and Luke married with beautiful contrasts--old and new, bright and subtle--in this fated summer wedding.
Carolyn Henkle

Hailey met Luke by happy accident. Picture this: Luke’s brother is getting married on New Year’s Eve 2016. Hailey’s dad is sick and cannot attend Luke’s brother’s wedding, so Hailey goes with her mom to the wedding. The Best Man is giving his speech, and he gives a shout out to Luke as “the last Baryenbruch bachelor”. Hailey sees her opportunity: she can’t look away from Luke. Hailey meets Luke, and their story begins. 

In 2019 Luke proposed to Hailey. He asked her for her hand after a romantic Italian dinner in downtown Milwaukee. The proposal at home was complete with classic love motifs: rose petals, “their song”, and candles. The pair was embraced by family members who emerged from hiding after Hailey said, “Yes!”.

The couple wed in July 2021 and what a true blessing it was after rescheduling many times due to Covid-19. The ceremony at Noble Victory Memorial Chapel and reception at The Delafield Hotel combined Hailey and Luke’s passion for mixing old and new. The Noble Victory Memorial Chapel represented enchanted, European-style vibes while The Delafield Hotel boasted chic and elegant modernism. For a July wedding, the groom and groomsmen dressed in bold, summery blue. In contrast, bridesmaids wore subtle and lovely neutral tones. Hailey’s other love besides Luke was choosing florals: she went with seasonal greens, orange dahlia, magnolia leaves, roses, and delphinium which harmonized beautifully with the contemporary elements of the venue. 

Cheers to the lovely couple, Hailey and Luke. 

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