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Wedding Day Detour: Bride and Groom Stop For a Beer

Returning to the spot of their first date, Lakefront Brewery, Adam and Callie took some time for fun on their wedding day
Emma Franke
The bride, holding her homemade bouquet, with the groom at Lakefront Brewing in Milwaukee

In 2016, Adam, a tour guide at Lakefront Brewing, invited a girl named Callie to come take his tour after they met online. Enjoying the fact that he could get paid and go on a date at the same time, Adam soon realized that he was talking to his future wife. The two shared some cheese curds and a drink after Adam clocked out, "and life has been a never-ending date for the two ever since," he says. 

Two years later, Adam and Callie held their first look inside the same brewery that brought them together. After a few photos, they stopped to pour a beer for a tour group before heading over to their wedding. Following their inimate ceremony at DiModa Pizza, close family and friends gathered for a fun-filled evening of dinner and drinks. For the groom, the memory that stands out is receiving his wedding band and finding it was inscribed with the words his grandfather wrote in every love letter: "always and always, I'll love you, darling."

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